Since 1926...

Parker Block Co. Inc. was established in 1929 as a family owned business. In 2003, Ernest Maier partnered with Rex and Lisa Timmons to buy the thriving company. Their main goal was, and still remains, to serve the community while growing the successful company. It is important to produce and sell the best products available at the most efficient prices while staying competitive with the current market.

Parker Block Co. Inc was founded on these same principles and as Rex Timmons would say, "I live in the same community the founders of Parker Block did and its important to foster honest relationships with those same neighbors." So give Parker Block a call today or check out the rest of our website, you'll like what you find in great prices, wide selection, and our extensive easy-order inventory...most at next day delivery.

We sell more than just blocks...

Although Concrete Masonry Units remain the core of our business, Parker Block is responsive to the growing demands of the masonry trade and currently offers a vast inventory of products to suit a wide range of project types. We also operate a Company Store to meet the most immediate needs of our clientele.


Family-owned and operated, Parker Block prides itself on high-quality materials and superior customer service at competitive prices. We are equally committed to maintaining a safe, clean and progressive work environment for our employees.