Accessories | Insulation

Used in the construction or retrofit of buildings. These materials are used to reduce heart transfer to assist in thermal comfort with reduced energy consumption.

Factors affecting the type and amount of insulation to use in a building include:

  • Climate
  • Ease of installation
  • Durability - resistance to degradation from compression, moisture, decomposition, etc.
  • Ease of replacement
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Flammability
  • Sound attenuation
  • Environmental impact

Combination Of Materials

Often a combination of materials is used to achieve an optimum solution and there are products which combine different types of insulation into a single form.

Ernest Maier, Inc is a supplier of 4 x 8" Rigid Polystyrene, Polyisocyanurate, Mineral Wool and Sound Attenuation Fire Batting in various thicknesses. We also carry compatible seam tapes and adhesives.

Ernest Maier, Inc. is a supplier of Dow Rigid Polystyrene, Thermax Polyisocyanurate compatible seam tapes and adhesives.

Continuous Insulation for Optimal Thermal Performance

ROXUL CAVITYROCK® MD and CAVITYROCK® DD are high-density semi-rigid board insulation products designed for external cavity wall and rain screen applications. This board insulation combined with the COMFORTBATT® thermal batt insulation in the exterior wall stud cavity offers superior long-term thermal efficiency, fire resistance, moisture control, and acoustic performance.

Dow Thermax Sheathing Dow Styrofoam