Accessories | Ties and Anchors

Anchors are a rigid means of support and are usually fastened mechanically.

Anchor and Tie ExamplesA tie usually connects to this anchor. A tie is a piece of metal which connects the external & internal walls. It is placed in the cavity wall itself, though the presence of insulation requires specialized ties. If the cavity wall is fully filled with insulation no tie is needed, but the builder must make sure no water passes through the external wall from the internal walls (also applies without insulation). Improper installation may lead to water damage or mold formation within the cavity, leading to structural and health hazards. Ties are expected to be exposed to water, they are often made of steel (which should be galvanized) in order to resist corrosion and for strength.


Ernest Maier has partnered with a group of high quality reinforcement and anchoring manufacturers to include, but not limited to:

Wire Bond

Hohmann & Barnard, Inc

All products provided by Ernest Maier Conform to:

  • ASTM A641 - Mill Galvanized Wire
  • ASTM A153 B2 - Hot Dipped Galvanized after Fabrication
  • ASTM A82 - Cold Drawn Steel
  • ASTM A951-96 - Masonry Wall Reinforcing
  • ASTM 580 Type 304 - Stainless Steel
  • ACI/ASCE 530 - Building Code Requirement for Masonry Structures