Parker Block - Brick Division

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, builder or architect, we have the clay facebrick and paver products that will meet your project needs.


Come in to view our samples and displays today. Remember, when you are purchasing brick, you are not just picking out individual brick but choosing materials to acquire a desired look in the wall. Come talk to one of our sales professionals so they can assist in selecting materials for your project. If we don't have a product you desire we'll either acquire it for you or help you locate the product. Your successful project is our goal.


Can you say, "One shop stopping" for your masonry needs? We offer over 30 different stocked brick products from brick manufacturers with many offerings. If it is masonry related and it goes along with brick, good chance we either have in stock or we can acquire it for you. Please come in and visit or call one of our sales professionals today.


Masonry choices are critical to the design perspective for any project, large or small. Whether you are designing with brick, architectural CMU, limestone, natural stone, manufactured stone or precast, our supporting products can satisfy your needs. We have also partnered with our strong group of manufacturers to provide an array of continuing education seminars at either our new design center or at your office. You have choices for brick in design and we can help.